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Dips - Harissa Spicy Paste

Dips - Harissa Spicy Paste

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This hot chili pepper paste is a great addition to any meal.

Harissa, or as some call it, ketchup or sriracha of North Africa and the Middle East. Our harissa is a balanced blend of roasted red chili peppers, Aleppo pepper, roasted garlic & onions, and herbs and spices like caraway, coriander, cumin and organic olive oil to carry the oil-soluble flavors. Use it as a spread in a sandwich or as a chili paste to your dinner plate. Not available for shipping 


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Falafel Platter

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We like to prepare some things in advance when making a falafel platter as it can take a bit of time if you try to organize everything on the same day. As well, it depends how many things you want to cook from scratch as some elements can be bought already made. At home, everything is made from scratch and this is something we wouldn't change.