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Naela's Mediterranean Cookbook

Naela's Mediterranean Cookbook

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In this book, Naela has put together her favorite recipes she has  grew up eating and enjoying that is part of Jordanian cuisine and culture from a large geographical region. Jordan, due to its location in the Levant, has culinary influences from North Africa, the Middle East, Persia, and the Mediterranean. 

This list of Jordanian food, might not be every dish that originates or was discovered in Jordan, but it’s a list of food that you’ll find commonly throughout Jordan.

Bread, rice, lamb, olives and olive oil, za’atar, yoghurt, tahini, garlic, onions, pickles, sage and mint, are just a few of the distinct tastes and ingredients you’ll experience in Naela's cookbook. 

If you’re a food lover, this is a list of food you’ve got to try at home, or when you’re in Jordan!


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Falafel Platter

A falafel platter is a combination of small dishes and ingredients served typically as an appetizer - but can be easily served as a main entree.

We like to prepare some things in advance when making a falafel platter as it can take a bit of time if you try to organize everything on the same day. As well, it depends how many things you want to cook from scratch as some elements can be bought already made. At home, everything is made from scratch and this is something we wouldn't change.